Call for Papers

2022 International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 09 - 14, 2022)

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All those working in the field of medieval studies, including graduate students and independent scholars and artists, are eligible to give a paper, if accepted, in any session of papers and to make contributions to roundtables, and panel discussions. Enrolled undergraduate students, however, may give a paper, if accepted, only in the "Papers by Undergraduates" sessions (found under Sessions of Papers).

This call for papers includes Sponsored and Special Sessions for which contributions are solicited that have been approved by the Program Committee for the 2022 Congress. Also included is the call for papers for General Sessions, i.e., sessions organized by the Program Committee in Kalamazoo. For a listing of all approved Sponsored and Special Sessions, including performances, practicums, screenings, and workshops, consult the call for papers on the Congress website. All those hoping or invited to give papers in sessions of papers or to participate in roundtables and panel discussions must make a proposal here. 

Policies about session participation. 


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For help in submitting an abstract online, Contact technical support.

You are invited to make one paper proposal to one session of papers: that might be to one of the Sponsored or Special Sessions listed here as a session of papers, which are organized by colleagues around the world, OR to General Sessions, which are organized by the Program Committee in Kalamazoo.

You may propose an unlimited number of contributions to roundtables and panel discussions, but you will not be scheduled to actively participate in more than three sessions.

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